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Uxía, the voice of the Atlantic. Uxía conceives writing words and music that always flow from the deep of her soul. In 2012 she celebrates 27 years of artistic carreer, what turns her into one of the most popular and cherrished voices of Galician language. The traditional music is always present in her songs, but with an innovating and personal treatment.

With her most recent “Meu Canto”, Uxía follows the path of a culture that travels and changes the meaning and nature of frontiers. This time she travels to Brazil, where she recorded this work in the Biscoito Fino Studios, in Río de Janeiro.

The choice was not casual. Uxía was willing to approach this new challenge with the production of the prestigious Jaime Alem (Maria Bethânia's producer), the talent and complicity of the virtuoso instrumentalist Sérgio Tannus, and the collaboration of Lenine in the theme “Os Teus Ollos”, the upmost promise for words and music that flow always from the deep of her soul.

Andando a terra
Uxía canta a Manuel María
“Andando a Terra” is amusical project by Uxía and Sérgio Tannus, based on the poems of Manuel María. The albums's original idea is from the FUNDACIÓN MANUEL MARÍA DE ESTUDOS GALEGOS, as part of an editorial pack that also includes an unpublished collection of poems titled “Os lonxes do solpor” and a documentary: “De amor e cantería”.

Now, after the successful presentation of the album in the Colón Theatre in A Coruña on september 13th, the Manuel María Foundation, author of the idea, and O CABLE INGLÉS, responsible of Uxía's management, decided to follow with this project conceiving a show under the title: “Andando a Terra. Uxía sings to Manuel María” that will be on tour.

Malvela, Uxía & iLalelo (Budiño DJ e Carlos Blanco)
100 TOL@S is a musical show that brings together three of the most representative artists of galician Music: Uxía, The ensemble Malvela and Xosé Manuel Budiño, as a DJ, accompanied by actor Carlos Blanco.

A show specially created for the warm summer evenings, filled of music and entertainment for the whole family.

Melodía Sentimental da Galiza e do Brasil:
de 'Chané' a Villa-Lobos
A programme with Villa-Lobos and his loves (voice, guitar, piano and violoncello), in between the popular and the erudite, as a tribute to the people of our lands.

Uxía (voice)-Galicia
Sérgio Tannus (guitarra, cavaquinho, viola caipira and percussion)-Brazil
Christina Margotto (piano)-Brazil
Jed Barahal (cello)-U.S.A.
MAMBO is an original theatrical proposal, a puzzle to be built, a game for times of crisis that only needs sixteen words, four actors, a box, a carpet and a crown. With this synthesis of elements a fun plot is knitted as a parody of the universal subjects of dramatic literature: ambition, desire, power, manipulation, love, selfconfidence...

O CABLE INGLÉS presents this singular production that surprised the critics and captivated the audience in its première in Vigo.
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